Thin Layer Chromatography to detect nicotine

This one continues to demonstrate the broad scope of smokingapplications for Thin Layer Chromatography – and shows again that you never know where TLC will show up in the media. bills itself as an “Online Magazine covering Fashion, Beauty, Celebrity Buzz, Health Care, Pregnancy & Parenting, Love, Home and Relationships”

The site has just posted a comprehesive overview of smoking tobacco and includes this portion about detecting nicotine:

Diagnosis of Smoking (presence of nicotine)

Traces of nicotine can be found in urine for nearly 3 days after the last smoke, so a urine test can be carried out which gives qualitative results for nicotine.

Thin layer chromatography (TLC): In this test, mixtures are separated by using an absorbent material like aluminum oxide or silica on testing sheets.

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