Working with great distributors in Korea

We were recently contacted by U.S. Korea Connect – an organization that promotes trade between the two countries. They had read about our trip to Korea and wanted to talk about our experiences in the Korean marketplace.ML_Science

Our friends at U.S. Korea Connect have now published a Success Story based on our experiences, here’s an excerpt:

Analtech Inc. works closely with its distributors, ML Science and LK Lab Korea, to connect with labs throughout the region and increase the company’s market share in the chromatography field. 

You can see the entire Success Story by clicking here.

U.S. Korea Connect also asked for some thoughts on making connections in Korea, which led to a blog post, here’s an excerpt from that post:

There’s an old Korean proverb – 시작이 반이다
Loosely translated, it means, “Starting is half the task.”
That proverb certainly applies when building a strong trade relationship between a company in the United States and a company in Korea.

You can read the entire post by clicking here.

We appreciate the recognition from U.S. Korea Connect, we’re grateful to our friends at ML Science and LK Lab Korea for their partnership, and we are thankful to the Delaware Office of International Trade and the World Trade Center Delaware for their continuing support and assistance.