42nd Annual NAOSMM Conference – Day 1

The National Association of Scientific Materials Managers – NAOSMM – is a professional organization of laboratory managers, science storeroom personnel, teaching lab coordinato


rs, purchasing personnel, and chemical safety officers that was founded in 1974. Members include representatives from academia, manufacturing, research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

The 42nd Annual NAOSMM Conference is being held this week on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. 

The conference opened with a fascinating look at the history of the ears as a luxury Queen Mary – from its service in World War II to its years as a luxury vessel carrying hudreds of celebrities across the Atlantic.

Keynote Speaker Sean Kaufman educated everyone about the importance of a culture of safety in the lab, giving recent examples from Anthrax and Ebola cases he’s worked on.


Stay tuned for more posts from the 42nd Annual NAOSMM Conference.