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NAOSMM 2015 Recap

The 42nd Annual Conference of the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers in Long Beach, California was a great success.20150729_102722

From insightful and inspiring presentations from Sean Kaufman to sessions on improving inventory control and Green Chemistry, this conference offered everyone valuable information and great opportunities to share expertise.

And yes, we had a great time seeing all of our NAOSMM friends on the Queen Mary and around the Long Beach area.

Here’s a look at the conference:

NAOSMM 2015 

NAOSMM 2015 – Day 2

Day 2 of the 42nd Annual Conference of the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers started with an insightful and engaging presentation by Sean Kaufman on the power of listening,20150728_123614

The afternoon trade show was a real treat for us, as we got to reconnect with so many members and meet new NAOSMM attendees.






42nd Annual NAOSMM Conference – Day 1

The National Association of Scientific Materials Managers – NAOSMM – is a professional organization of laboratory managers, science storeroom personnel, teaching lab coordinato


rs, purchasing personnel, and chemical safety officers that was founded in 1974. Members include representatives from academia, manufacturing, research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

The 42nd Annual NAOSMM Conference is being held this week on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. 

The conference opened with a fascinating look at the history of the ears as a luxury Queen Mary – from its service in World War II to its years as a luxury vessel carrying hudreds of celebrities across the Atlantic.

Keynote Speaker Sean Kaufman educated everyone about the importance of a culture of safety in the lab, giving recent examples from Anthrax and Ebola cases he’s worked on.


Stay tuned for more posts from the 42nd Annual NAOSMM Conference.



A Great Time at NAOSMM 2014 in Indianapolis

The 41st Annual Conference and Trade Show for the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers in Indianapolis was a huge success!NAOSMM 2014

From a discussion with Henry Ford to learning about vanishing art work to learning about safety with lasers, cryogenics, and radiation – this conference had it all. We also got to enjoy many of the charms of Indianapolis – a great city with awesome people.

Here’s a brief look at the 2014 NAOSMM Conferece:

Mike Princer says nice things about our Thin Layer Chromatography products

Mike Princer is with the Chemistry Department at Grinnell College.

Mike came to our booth at NAOSMM (National Association of Scientific Materials Managers) and told us how much he enjoyed using out flexible-backed thin layer chromatography plates. We asked if he would mind repeating that with the camera rolling…

 We are very appreciative of Mike’s kind words – and in case you’re wondering, you can find more information about our flexible-backed TLC plates by clicking here.

NAOSMM 2013 recap

The 40th annual conference of the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers in Niagara Falls was a truly great experience!NAOSMM2013 1 resized 600

From hearing an electrifying talk by Nikola Tesla to getting soaked in the falls to separating green beer during the trade show, this conference was informative, fascinating, and fun!

We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a highlight video of this year’s experience:

Preparing for NAOSMM 2012

The National Association of Scientific Materials Managers (NAOSMM for short and pronounced Nay-O-Sum) is:

  • A group of approximately 500 individuals involved in purchasing, receiving, warehousing, distribution, and inventory control of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glassware and plasticware, instruments and special services in research, teaching, and R & D fields.
  • We work in academia, industry or research.
  • We hold positions such as storeroom managers, laboratory managers, teaching lab coordinators, purchasing or procurement personnel, and business managers.logo mid resized 600

Our company is proud to be involved with NAOSMM – and we’re looking forward to being part of the 2012 NAOSMM conference in Albuquerue, New Mexico.

At last year’s conference in Minneapolis, we had the privilege of sharing about Thin Layer Chromatography’s rich history and some best practices for storing and using TLC Plates.

Expect photos and updates here as well as on our twitter feed the week of July 30.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to this year:

  • Two full days of education and professional development
    • The educational seminars and roundtable discussions will help you perform your job more efficiently, economically and safely.
    • Discuss current topics in regulations facing the Scientific Materials Manager
    • Round Table discussions will can help solve a dilemma you are facing today
  • Two half days exclusively for trade show and vendor interaction
    • The exclusive time set aside for the trade show allows you to interact with sales representatives and see new products and innovations.
    • Find new vendors and develop and enhance more meaningful relationships with current vendors
    • The vendor representatives at the trade show value your feedback to improve their products and services.
    • Quality time with vendors can save you and your company time and money
    • Interact with other NAOSMM members and find out what vendors they value and why.
  • Network with peers in academia, research and industry
    • NAOSMM is a welcoming group whose members are eager to network and learn from each other as well as our invited speakers.
    • The camaraderie with peers is a priceless benefit and has drawn many members back to conferences year after year.
    • Receptions and evening activities provide opportunity for continued networking and learning with peers and vendors