Participating at the ACS Philly meeting

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Ken Grant, had the honor of joining a team of speakers for a session of the American Chemical Society’s Division of Small Chemical Businesses inScreen shot 2012 08 21 at 3.50.20 PM resized 600 Philadelphia on August 19.

The session on social media and the chemical industry was put together by Jennifer Maclachlan and featured Sandra Thompson of BuchalterNemer, Megan Norton of CSols, and Ken Grant.

Sandra Thompson spoke about the legal aspects of businesses using social media. “It is important to keep in mind that social media use must be carefully monitored, controlled and documented in order to stay out of a potential legal minefield,” Thompson said.

ACS Philly 1 resized 600Megan Norton offered case studies and insights from her company’s use of social media tools. “Social Media has matured into a valuable tool for companies to reach their target consumer and increase visibility of their product and servicees,” Norton said. “CSols, Inc., recognized this shift and decided to follow our customers online. We have realized the value from incorporating traditional sales principles with new social media tools into our business culture and marketing strategy.”

Ken Grant focused on the possibilities of influencing public perseptions about science through social media. “This is where people are living, learning, and exchanging ideas,” Grant said. “We can either engage and influence the conversations about our industry, inspire students, and shape the future or we can sit back and do nothing. But, if we choose not to engage, then we only have ourselves to blame when misinformation spreads unchecked in our society.”