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Participating at the ACS Philly meeting

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Ken Grant, had the honor of joining a team of speakers for a session of the American Chemical Society’s Division of Small Chemical Businesses inScreen shot 2012 08 21 at 3.50.20 PM resized 600 Philadelphia on August 19.

The session on social media and the chemical industry was put together by Jennifer Maclachlan and featured Sandra Thompson of BuchalterNemer, Megan Norton of CSols, and Ken Grant.

Sandra Thompson spoke about the legal aspects of businesses using social media. “It is important to keep in mind that social media use must be carefully monitored, controlled and documented in order to stay out of a potential legal minefield,” Thompson said.

ACS Philly 1 resized 600Megan Norton offered case studies and insights from her company’s use of social media tools. “Social Media has matured into a valuable tool for companies to reach their target consumer and increase visibility of their product and servicees,” Norton said. “CSols, Inc., recognized this shift and decided to follow our customers online. We have realized the value from incorporating traditional sales principles with new social media tools into our business culture and marketing strategy.”

Ken Grant focused on the possibilities of influencing public perseptions about science through social media. “This is where people are living, learning, and exchanging ideas,” Grant said. “We can either engage and influence the conversations about our industry, inspire students, and shape the future or we can sit back and do nothing. But, if we choose not to engage, then we only have ourselves to blame when misinformation spreads unchecked in our society.”

How to Connect (and possibly win a Kindle) at Pittcon 2011

Pittcon 2011 kicks off on March 14 (opening ceremony scheduled for 8:30 AM – Level 2 in front of rooms 213B/214B).kindle resized 600

At the end of the week, we’re giving away a Kindle 3G Wireless!

To be entered in the drawing, simply visit us at Booth 1326 – and if you’re on describe the image


be sure to check in (here’s a link to iChromatography Booth 1326 at Pittcon).

There’s also a chance that a visit to Booth 1326 at Pittcon will be enlightening for you.

Hope to see you there!


Pittcon 2011 Mobile App

This is incredibly exciting – and here’s a tip – if you use pittcon qrfoursquare, you will definitely want to “check in” at booth 1326 during Pittcon in Atlanta!

Here’s the news:

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android & BlackBerry

Pittcon has teamed up with CrowdCompass to provide a great new tool to use before, during, and after the conference. It’s easy to use, and it’s free.

PLAN Create your own personal schedule with detailed information on sessions, speakers and topics at your fingertips.
SCOUT Comprehensive exhibitor information is built–in enabling you to flag the ones you’d like to see when you’re there.
LOCATE Find that booth, meeting room, nearby hotel or restaurant you’re looking for.
CONNECT Find other attendees and easily share contact information with them.
ENGAGE Follow the conversation from Pittcon on Twitter and add your voice.

Who to follow for ACS Updates

The ACS Conference in Boston takes place from August ACSfeed22-26, 2010.

If you are there, you’ll want to keep up with the conversations – if you can’t join us in person, you can still keep up with everything going on.

First, you can check out the #ACS_Boston feed by clicking here.

Second, here’s the beginning of a list of individuals, companies, and organizations you can follow on twitter to know what’s happening throughout the conference in real time:






iChromatography (that’s us!)





























Feel free to add your information in the comments section if you or your organization will be offering updates at ACS. And please join us at the ACS TweetUps!

Analtech featured in Business Ledger article

The Delaware Business Ledger’s January issue features a

Ken using Social Mediagreat article on Social Media in business, and includes references to Analtech, AstraZeneca, and DuPont:

It is already apparent that Delaware may be ahead of the curve, based on the widespread use of social networking tools, with large companies such as DuPont, ING Direct and AstraZeneca having a Twitter presence. State government is also on board with various agencies using Twitter.

Championing the initiative is Ken Grant… He now works as a marketing director for Analtech, based near Newark.

In 2008, he helped produce a short web-based movie for the company. Using a touch of comedy, it featured an actress playing Ana L’tech. It used humor to promote the company’s Thin Layer Chromatography laboratory products to a worldwide audience. It earned Grant and Anltech a lot press coverage, locally, nationally and even overseas. 

Click Here to read the complete article. 

Social Media featured in Life Science Leader

As the Bio and Pharma industries continue to explore the use of social media (blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.) we’re seeing more articles being written about who is using it and how they are doing so.

Life Science Leader’s December issue Cover Story is The Differing Views Of Using Social Media In PharmLife Science Leadera by Cliff Mintz, here’s a couple of excerpts:

Regardless of the social media application or platform technology that is used, “It’s all about communication and engaging others in an ongoing conversation or dialogue,” says Ken Grant, a social media enthusiast and director of sales and marketing of Analtech

The industry’s reluctance to engage in social media puzzles John Mack, a veteran pharmaceutical consultant, blogger, and social media enthusiast who publishes the influential Pharma Marketing News newsletter and the Pharma Marketing blog. “Social media has drastically changed the way people communicate over the Internet. It is a two-way dialog that makes discussions and the exchange of information available to masses of people who previously may not have had access,” he said. The industry needs to better understand its benefits and get into the game, Mack added. Analtech’s Grant asserts that life sciences companies have to come to terms with the fact that conversations about them are already taking place online whether or not they are aware of them. “Companies should understand that they must monitor social media channels to better understand what their customers and stakeholders are saying and what they need or want,” he said.

One pharmaceutical company that understands this is Wilmington, DE-based AstraZeneca, which several years ago opened a couple of branded video channels on YouTube and more recently joined Twitter. Earl Whipple, AstraZenecaUS senior director of business and digital media communications, said, “Before we launched our @AstraZenecaUS Twitter account, our company was already the subject of numerous tweets, so it only made sense to join the conversation. We not only want to be part of conversations about AstraZeneca and important health topics, but we also want to listen to what people are saying about the company and the industry.”

Click Here to read the complete article

Science and Social Media

Here’s a few great tools to use to connect with others inBioCrowd the science community.

First, we have BioCrowd – A Social Network for Bioscience Professionals – click here to sign up

Next, for all who will be joining us at Pittcon, there’s PittConnect –  this is an excellent way for Pittcon 2010anyone to make connections well in advance of the conference. click here to check out PittConnect.

For anyone who want to connect with others using Chrommunitychromatography, be sure to theck out the CHROMmunity by clicking here.

Stay Connected!

Social Networking in the Scientific Community

The latest issue of The Peak from LCGC North America LCGC Coverfeatures a great Cover Story on Social Networking in the Scientific Community.

Here’s a couple of excerpts:

The BIO organization, who hosts the annual BIO Conference, has a presence on several social media sites, including LinkedIn which has more than 6000 members, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. They also deliver news during the convention using these vehicles and make use of blogs to engage in two way conversations with their members.

LCGC articlePittcon began building its online community recently with a presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, and among its 300 followers on Twitter include scientists, exhibitors and scientific publishers. Pittcon also is planning on launching its own online scientific community later in 2009.

“A few years ago, we introduced live networking sessions where conferees and exhibitors could brainstorm ideas and discuss solutions to scientific problems in an informal environment,” said Annette Wilson, Pittcon 2010 President. “We think scientists will benefit from engaging in these discussions year round and we will provide the collaborative environment where they can do so easily.”

Mary Canady added: “When I arrived at the BIO meeting, I felt like I already had many friends there because I had developed relationships through my online networks prior to the meeting.”

Click Here to read the full article.