Scientist Poken Featured in Business Article

A recent article from the Wilmington News Journal features the work of Analtech’s Micky Jones – designer of the “Scientist” Poken.

Here’s some excerpts:

Pokens, which come in a variety of character designs with outstretched palms, exchange an encrypted code when the palms touch. The platform plugs into your computer’s USB port to upload contact information including e-mails, photos, phone numbers and social-networking accounts.

Micky Jones, 25, expects the Poken to take off in this country as it has elsewhere. In March, he became the distributor for, operating in an area that includes Delaware, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. A basic Poken costs $19.95, with no additional fees, he said. Information is updated to all contacts as changes such as new phone numbers or job addresses are made on the Poken account online.

“If a client moves, you’re going to be able to still get in touch with them because the information will change on your account. It’s just like Facebook,” said Jones, who works full time as creative director for Analtech Inc., a Newark company that specializes in chromatography, the separation of mixtures.

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