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A Note of Thanks to David Mathe and Neyde Ishioka

We want to take a moment to thank a couple of individuals who have made our trip to Brazil both possible and successful.

David Mathe


David Mathe is Deputy Director of the International Trade and Development Office
with the State of Delaware. David has worked with us for some time to prepare us for our first time attending Analitica Latin America. David’s insight, professionalism, and consistent willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty has made this a truly great experience for us.

Neyde Ishioka is a Business Development Consultant. She and her team have Neyde with Stevenarranged meetings for us, prepared our itinerary, and helped with translating for us at Analitica.

We are truly grateful to David and Neyde for all they have done and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Day Two in Sao Paulo – first day of Analitica Latin America

Anyone who knows us knows that we are thrilled to be a part of some incredible communities and organizations – especially being part of the state of Delaware.
This trip to Sao Paulo is happening for us primarily because of the work done byDE group
the Delaware Office of International Trade and Development (more on that in a future post) and involves a few other Delaware businesses.

The Delaware group enjoyed a great meal together Monday evening at an exquisite Brazilian Steak House.

Tuesday morning was spent meeting with more businesses in Sao Paulo, then it was show time at the Analitica Latin America Conference. The Delaware booth was buzzing with activity throughout the day.

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Delaware booth

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We’re looking forward to an exciting Wednesday!

Day One in Sao Paulo, Brazil – preparing for Analitica Latin America

Our first day in Sao Paulo, Brazil was incredible.view from room in Sao Paulo

After checking into our room, it was time for our first meeting.

Genese Produtos Farmaceuticos Diagnostico was founded in 1992 in Sao Paulo – the company works in partnership with international manufacturers for product distribution.

Erica Welize Rodrigues, Steven Miles, Monalisa Matter

We met with Erica Welize Rodrigues and Monalisa Mattar, who gave us a great tour of the Genese operation and shared some of the company’s rich history with us.

Our next meeting was a few kilometers across town, where we met with Dalcadisio Correia and Rodrigo Fagundes Correia of DiagTech. Dalcadisio has been involved with the science industry for more than 40 years and started DiagTech in 1996.

Dalvadisio S. Correia and Rodrigo Fagundes Correia

Analitica Latin America starts Tuesday – we’re looking forward to meeting more great people and getting to know this area of Brazil better!

Analitica Latin America – Sao Paulo, Brazil – September 20-22, 2011

We are pretty excited to be part of the Analitica Show in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

In Preparation for the show, we’ve taken the liberty of updating a couple of our videos with subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese – check them out:

and we’ve got a couple of great documents to share:

corporate profile 1 br resized 600Corporate Profile 2 br resized 600




Click Here to download .pdf of Corporate Profile

Popular TLC plates 1 br resized 600Popular TLC plates 2 br resized 600

Click Here to download .pdf of popular Thin Layer Chromatography plates