While participating at the National Association of Scientific Materials Managers Conference in Norfolk, we had some great questions come up – we wanted to take a moment to address the general questions here (some of the more specific questions we’ll be addressing in e-mails).

Q: We’re trying to offer our students multiple chances to run thinscored plates layer chromatography experiments, but we want to control costs, what can you recommend?

A: We would recommend trying our scored glass-backed plates. As you can see in the photo here, a 20 x 20 cm plate can be easily snapped into smaller (2.5 x 10 cm) sizes.

Q: Why did you decide to color your HPLC Columns?

color columnsA: Excellent question! In addition to the fact that we use an advanced packing material that provides close to 100% coverage inside the columns, we realized that traditional columns can be easily mixed up if their labels come off. By color-coding the columns, you always know what material you have inside the column.

Q: We LOVE the video you did and we want to share it with friends, family, and colleagues – where is it available online?

A: We’re proud of our video, “The Adventures of Ana L’Tech” – it’s been featured on numerous web sites and blogs, and has even been inducted into the Viral Marketing Hall of Fame.

Click Here for the official video web site, Click Here for the YouTube version, or just watch it right here: