For our friends in China – 致我们中国的朋友




The week of May 6-12, 2012, we made our first trip to China as part of the Delaware delegation of business and government leaders from the First State.

Delaware delegation to China

The trip was truly amazing and we are excited to work with the people of China to provide high quality chromatography equipment.

First, here’s a look at our video from our week in China:

当然我们期待继续和你们的交流,无论是工作还是生活的,我们的联系电邮 。或者也可以通过我们的新浪微博联系我们:


We would also like to continue our conversations through e-mail – – and through our Weibo Page.

And we would like to introduce our associate in China who is helping us with our translations, Peggy Zou:


Next, we’d like to offer some information about our company and products:

china corp profile front resized 600

china corp profile back resized 600

china pop tlc front resized 600

china pop tlc plates back resized 600