High School Students learning TLC/Forensics in England

These excerpts come from TivertonPeople in the UK:Tiverton High School students

In a partnership between the science departments at Petroc in Tiverton and Tiverton High School, seventy-five Year 10 High School pupils spent a morning in the Petroc laboratories with some of the college’s BTEC Forensic Science and A Level students performing a programme of tests and analysis. 

The activities were based around techniques that are used in a wide variety of scientific settings such as blood typing of a suspects’ blood samples, and blood found at a crime scene, thin layer chromatography of pink lipstick to identify all the different coloured pigments that are found in this lipstick and Titrations to determine the Vitamin C concentration of a range of Apple juices found in the supermarket.

Lynda Broomhead, science lecturer at Petroc said: “Both staff and students from the High School were very positive about the benefits of this event.”

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