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Resources for educators

We appreciate so much the work being done by educators around the world to engage students in better understanding science.e5a7804ea03cc6d867abb0e3154e9344.jpg

We’ve found that most students respond well to videos, and we’d like to offer a couple that we think might help students grasp the concepts of chromatography while providing some entertainment.

We encourage all educators to use and share these if they find them useful.

High School Students learning TLC/Forensics in England

These excerpts come from TivertonPeople in the UK:Tiverton High School students

In a partnership between the science departments at Petroc in Tiverton and Tiverton High School, seventy-five Year 10 High School pupils spent a morning in the Petroc laboratories with some of the college’s BTEC Forensic Science and A Level students performing a programme of tests and analysis. 

The activities were based around techniques that are used in a wide variety of scientific settings such as blood typing of a suspects’ blood samples, and blood found at a crime scene, thin layer chromatography of pink lipstick to identify all the different coloured pigments that are found in this lipstick and Titrations to determine the Vitamin C concentration of a range of Apple juices found in the supermarket.

Lynda Broomhead, science lecturer at Petroc said: “Both staff and students from the High School were very positive about the benefits of this event.”

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