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Analytica China 2012 – Day Two

We had a wonderful time during the second day of Analytica China – from discussing practical2012 10 17 11 24 25 148 resized 600 applications of Thin Layer Chromatography to demonstrating how to snap our pre-scored TLC Plates. Here’s a look at those demonstrations, first in Chinese, then in English:

 We also had a chance to talk with more of our friends attending and exhibiting at Analytica China:

Analytica China 2012 – Day One

Analytica China is one of the world’s largest conferences and trade shows centered arounddescribe the image
the science of separation, with exhibitors from around the world coming together in Shanghai to meet and share information.

Here’s a look at the first day of Analytica China 2012 – first video featured is in English, the second video is in Chinese: