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HPLC experts at EAS Booth 524

We’re proud of the depth and breadth of knowledge we have in the field of chromatography and the many friends we have in the field.

Today at EAS, we’re joined by the good people at Separations Methods Technology – pictured here is Richard Plaugher talking with Steven Miles. Come on by EAS Booth 524 and share your Thin Layer Chromatography and HPLC stories.

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Talking HPLC Columns with Dr. David Fatunmbi

The new Color HPLC Columns continue to draw attention here at the Eastern Analytical Symposium.Micky Jones, Steven Miles, Dr. David Fatunmbi

Answering HPLC questionsBesides the practical aspect of knowing which packing material you have inside a column based on the color outside, our HPLC columns utilize proprietary bonding technologies from Separation Methods Technologies that result in bonded phase coverage approaching 100%.

Dr. David Fatunmbi of SMT is the person responsible for this exciting development and has spent some time answering questions from visitors to our booth and helping people out with their HPLC issues.

Day Two of EAS 09, Education is the key

One of the great things about the Eastern Analytical Symposium is the number of high school and college students who are broeas education 1ught here to learn more about analytical chemistry.

eas education 2Our General Manager, Steven Miles, is an excellent teacher and enjoys engaging students with examples of chromatography from the basics of Thin Layer Chromatography to the latest advances in HPLC.

Day One of EAS 2009

We are having a great time at the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) in Somerset, New Jersey.EAS09

We’ve met with doctors, distributors, students, lab managers, professors, and many more who want to see what we can do in the field of chromatography.

EAS holds a special place for us, it was at last year’s show when Micky got the idea to add color to our HPLC columns, making them not only memorable, but much more practical – it’s so much easier to tell what’s on the inside of the column when the outside is color-coded.

EAS09If you are attending EAS, please stop by Booth #524, and whether you can make it or not, be sure to check out the live updates from our Twitter Feed @iChromatography.

EAS091 EAS092

Preparing for the Eastern Analytical Symposium

Every year at this time, we look forward to attending EAS – EASthe Eastern Analytical Symposium & Exposition in Somerset, New Jersey.

If you’re attending EAS this year, please stop by Booth #524 and say “Hi” (oh yea, and check out our color HPLC columns).

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