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Highlights from China

From May 6 through May 12, we joined with a delegation from Delaware to tour China and meet with a variety of businesses, universities, and scientists. This was a truly amazing trip and we are grateful to the team from Delaware who put this together and our gracious hosts in China who made sure we got to experience as much as we could in such a short period of time!

Here’s a brief look at this incredible week:

Highlights video from India

Our first trip to India was truly incredible!

We were honored to meet so many great people from a wide variety of organizations committed to helping grow and connect businesses in the chemical, bio, and IT worlds.

Here’s a brief look at some of the highlights from our visit:

Connections in Hangzhou – the Zhejing-Delaware SME Partnership Symposium

Wednesday was centered around a symposium set up to connect Delaware businesses with businesses in the Hangzhou area.

The conference and meetings were great, and we’re looking forward to following up with all of the companies we were fortunate to meet with.

Unfortunately, this was also the day our translators from the University of Ningbo had to return to their school – so we’ll be finishing the trip without them.

Here’s a look at the latest round of photos from Hangzhou:

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Strengthening Connections between Ningbo and Delaware in Chromatogrpahy

There is a strong sister-city relationship between Ningbo, China and Wilmington, Delaware – and we are proud to be part of the first Delaware delegation to visit Ningbo as part of that relationship.

We attended a well-structured event where the Delaware delegation learned about Ningbo and then we met with a variety of companies and university officials to explore possible partnerships.

The meetings were a success and we’re looking forward to continuing to build and strengthen our relationships with our new friends in Ningbo.

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Chromatography in China

We’ve only been in China for a day, but already we’re feeling a strong conection to the men and women of this great country.

Following a morning trip to the Yu Garden in Shanghai, we went to Shanghai University to meet with Professor Rentao Song, Deputy Dean for the School of Life Sciences and Director of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Bio-energy Crops and Associate Professor Shen Zhongming.

We also started a Youku video page to host some of our videos and a Weibo account (Chinese version of Twitter).

We are excited about the possibilities of making our chromatography products available to the people of China.

Here’s some photos from our first 24 hours in Shanghai:

Ken at the Pearl Tower

Steven at Yu Garden

Delaware delegation

Moving forward with Friends in Mumbai

We had two truly great meetings in Mumbai – and see a world of possibilities for future work and cooperation with our friends in this inspiring city.2012 05 03 22 21 55 676 resized 600

We spent some time with one of our distributors, Septech, and discussed many possibilities for helping to make our quality chromatography products available to more companies and universities in India.

Then we had an inspiring meeting with the Indian Analytical Instruments Association – a professional body formed in 1996 with a vision to promote, encourage and develop theSeptech growth of the Analytical Instruments Industry in India. We’re looking forward to working with the IAIA and its members.

This wraps up our first trip to India – we appreciate so much the warm hospitality and great times. We’re confident we’ll be returning to spend more time with our new friends.

DSC 0086 resized 600


Exploring opportunities and sharing information in Bangalore, India

Our time in Bangalore, India has been truly informative, exciting, and packed with possibilities for the future.ABLE

We have been privileged to spend time with:

  • Nandita Chandavarkar of the Association for Biotechnology Led Enterprises
  • Mahinder Singh, project director for Bangalore India BioIndia Bio
  • M.N. Vidyashankar, Principal Secretary of IT, Science & Technology, and e-Governance

Here’s what we can tell you – the people of Bangalore are doing some truly innovative things when it comes to science and technology – and we hope to be able to join them in exploring these exciting opportunities.2012 05 03 15 17 29 875 resized 600

Thin Layer Chromatography in India

This is our company’s first trip to India – and we have a strong feeling it won’t be our last.

From enjoying the incredible sights, sounds, and food to meeting some truly incredible peoplebreakfast in Bngalore and exploring exciting new possibilities in chromatography, we are enthralled with India!

In just one day we had the privilege of enjoying breakfast with officials from the Consulate General and met with the men and women of S.V. Scientific – a great company that distributes our chromatography products.

2012 05 02 11 02 36 284 resized 600It is clear that the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries are strong and growing stronger in India – and we are thrilled to play some small part in the continued growth of these industries.

Stay tuned – more updates to come from Bangalore and Mumbai.

Preparing for our first trip to China

We are very excited to be going to China the week of May 6.

We look forward to visiting Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Beijing where we will meet with several new friends to discuss chromatography and new developments in separation science.

We are also looking forward to enjoying the rich culture of China, as exemplified in this video:

 Many thanks to the Dragonfly Dance Club 飛天舞蹈社 for their beautiful performance!

 Below are also some documents and videos explaining our company and our products.

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