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NAOSMM in Boise

The National Association of Scientific Materials Managers trade show started this morning in Boise, Idaho.

NAOSMM in BoiseWe’re excited to see several old friends and make quite a few new friends.

Many are thrilled to see our new color HPLC columns and learn about our propietery color columnsSAM chemistry.

Several supply managers have reported to us that they started using our TLC plates after meeting us atNAOSMM crowd a previous NAOSMM show and how satisfied they are with both our products and our customer service.

It’s a great experience for us to be able to meet so many of our customers, share stories, and explore new applications for chromatography.

More information and videos coming tomorrow!

Getting ready for NAOSMM in Boise

Next Tuesday, we’re heading to Boise, Idaho for the 36th NAOSMM 2008Annual NAOSMM Conference.

The National Association of Scientific Materials Managers (NAOSMM for short and pronounced Nay-O-Sum) is:

  • A group of approximately 500 individuals involved in purchasing, receiving, warehousing, distribution, and inventory control of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glassware and plasticware, instruments and special services in research, teaching, and R & D fields.
  • We work in academia, industry or research.
  • We hold positions such as storeroom managers, laboratory managers, teaching lab coordinators, purchasing or procurement personnel, and business managers.

Members include representatives from universities, colleges, manufacturers, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. We all have one thing in common: we have unique questions for which we seek workable answers. NAOSMM allows us to exchange ideas, information, contacts, and leads with people who understand our challenges and can offer solutions.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of our current friends and making some new ones while we’re in Boise – if you’re going to the NAOSMM conference, please stop by to see our new color HPLC Columns.

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