Tuesday at Pittcon: Tweet-Ups on the Tens!

UPDATE: We have an Evening location! – see below!

Pittcon 2009 featured the first ever Pittcon TPittcon Tweet-Up 2009weet-Up – a great meeting of people with at least two things in common – science and social media.

We’re doing it again this year! Twice!

Pittcon 2010 Tweet-Up #1

WHERE: Hall C at the Convention Center – meet in front of FedEx/Kinkos

WHEN: Tuesday, March 2, 10:00 AM

Pittcon 2010 Tweet-Up #2 – some have suggested we set up a second Tweet Up in the evening – so we’re going to shoot for another meeting at 10:00 Tuesday evening – and we now have a location thanks to a great suggestion from @GCMSMS.

Pittcon Tweet Up #2

WHERE: Bahama Breeze – 8849 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

WHEN: Tuesday, March 2 – 10:00 PM

Now, we need your participation – if you plan on posting twitter updates from Pittcon – please post your twitter name here – and please use the #Pittcon hashtag.

Poken at Pittcon!

We’re pretty excited about this – if you haven’t heard of Poken, go here for a quick explanation.

While Poken does a great job with offering some really fun and interesting designs, we wanted something that would be perfect for the science community, so our brilliant designer, Micky Jones, put this together:


Stop by Booth 1713 at Pittcon to see these guys in action!

Yea, we’re ready for Pittcon

We’ve always been a Delaware-based company, we love being a Delaware-based company. We enjoy our friends and neighbors, we like being located so close to places like Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Princeton, and New York.

But, we have to admit, heading to Orlanready for Pittcondo, Florida for Pittcon is starting to really look good to us right about now.

Come on by Booth 1713 at the Orange County Convention Center March 1 – 4 and say, “Hi” – we won’t be wearing winter coats then.

A Behind the Scenes look at our Pittcon Photo Shoot

We enjoy every opportunity to get together with our friends, our customers, our suppliers, well, everybody – which means we love going to Pittcon!

So, we recently invited some friends together for a quick photo

Photo Shoot

 shoot (expect to see some really great photos at Pittcon) – and have our General Manager, Steven Miles, offer a video invitation for people to see us at Booth 1713 (that’s coming soon, too).

Now, I don’t think we’ve ever been seen as a company that takes itself too seriously, so we decided to show you a little “behind the scenes” look at the shoot that day (PLEASE NOTE: No HPLC Columns were damaged in the shooting of this video):

University of Delaware Class on Thin Layer Chromatography

Karen Brinker and Leslie Allshouse graciously allowed us to join them recently as they led their University of Delaware

UD class

Clinical Physiological Chemistry II class through a drug testing procedure using Thin Layer Chromatography.

Unfortunately, our sound engineer was off his game that day – the background noise you hear in the video is blow driers being used to dry the TLC plates.

Many thanks to Karen and Leslie for letting us be a part of the class! 

Analtech featured in Business Ledger article

The Delaware Business Ledger’s January issue features a

Ken using Social Mediagreat article on Social Media in business, and includes references to Analtech, AstraZeneca, and DuPont:

It is already apparent that Delaware may be ahead of the curve, based on the widespread use of social networking tools, with large companies such as DuPont, ING Direct and AstraZeneca having a Twitter presence. State government is also on board with various agencies using Twitter.

Championing the initiative is Ken Grant… He now works as a marketing director for Analtech, based near Newark.

In 2008, he helped produce a short web-based movie for the company. Using a touch of comedy, it featured an actress playing Ana L’tech. It used humor to promote the company’s Thin Layer Chromatography laboratory products to a worldwide audience. It earned Grant and Anltech a lot press coverage, locally, nationally and even overseas. 

Click Here to read the complete article. 

Social Media featured in Life Science Leader

As the Bio and Pharma industries continue to explore the use of social media (blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.) we’re seeing more articles being written about who is using it and how they are doing so.

Life Science Leader’s December issue Cover Story is The Differing Views Of Using Social Media In PharmLife Science Leadera by Cliff Mintz, here’s a couple of excerpts:

Regardless of the social media application or platform technology that is used, “It’s all about communication and engaging others in an ongoing conversation or dialogue,” says Ken Grant, a social media enthusiast and director of sales and marketing of Analtech

The industry’s reluctance to engage in social media puzzles John Mack, a veteran pharmaceutical consultant, blogger, and social media enthusiast who publishes the influential Pharma Marketing News newsletter and the Pharma Marketing blog. “Social media has drastically changed the way people communicate over the Internet. It is a two-way dialog that makes discussions and the exchange of information available to masses of people who previously may not have had access,” he said. The industry needs to better understand its benefits and get into the game, Mack added. Analtech’s Grant asserts that life sciences companies have to come to terms with the fact that conversations about them are already taking place online whether or not they are aware of them. “Companies should understand that they must monitor social media channels to better understand what their customers and stakeholders are saying and what they need or want,” he said.

One pharmaceutical company that understands this is Wilmington, DE-based AstraZeneca, which several years ago opened a couple of branded video channels on YouTube and more recently joined Twitter. Earl Whipple, AstraZenecaUS senior director of business and digital media communications, said, “Before we launched our @AstraZenecaUS Twitter account, our company was already the subject of numerous tweets, so it only made sense to join the conversation. We not only want to be part of conversations about AstraZeneca and important health topics, but we also want to listen to what people are saying about the company and the industry.”

Click Here to read the complete article