NAOSMM in Boise

The National Association of Scientific Materials Managers trade show started this morning in Boise, Idaho.

NAOSMM in BoiseWe’re excited to see several old friends and make quite a few new friends.

Many are thrilled to see our new color HPLC columns and learn about our propietery color columnsSAM chemistry.

Several supply managers have reported to us that they started using our TLC plates after meeting us atNAOSMM crowd a previous NAOSMM show and how satisfied they are with both our products and our customer service.

It’s a great experience for us to be able to meet so many of our customers, share stories, and explore new applications for chromatography.

More information and videos coming tomorrow!

Getting ready for NAOSMM in Boise

Next Tuesday, we’re heading to Boise, Idaho for the 36th NAOSMM 2008Annual NAOSMM Conference.

The National Association of Scientific Materials Managers (NAOSMM for short and pronounced Nay-O-Sum) is:

  • A group of approximately 500 individuals involved in purchasing, receiving, warehousing, distribution, and inventory control of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glassware and plasticware, instruments and special services in research, teaching, and R & D fields.
  • We work in academia, industry or research.
  • We hold positions such as storeroom managers, laboratory managers, teaching lab coordinators, purchasing or procurement personnel, and business managers.

Members include representatives from universities, colleges, manufacturers, research laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. We all have one thing in common: we have unique questions for which we seek workable answers. NAOSMM allows us to exchange ideas, information, contacts, and leads with people who understand our challenges and can offer solutions.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of our current friends and making some new ones while we’re in Boise – if you’re going to the NAOSMM conference, please stop by to see our new color HPLC Columns.

Click Here to find out more about NAOSMM

Click Here to see highlights from last year’s NAOSMM Conference in San Antonio, TX

Thin Layer Chromatographic Analysis of Counterfeit Drugs

Joseph Sherma is the John D. and Frances H. Larkin Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. Professor Sherma has taught courses in analytical chemistry for more than 40 years, was head of the chemistry department for 12 years, and continues to supervise research students at Lafayette College. He is author and coauthor of over 600 papers and the author, coauthor, editor, and coeditor of over 60 books and manuals in the areas of analytical chemistry and chromatogEncyclopedia of Chromatographyraphy.

Professor Sherma recently authored the article, “Thin Layer Chromatographic Analysis of Counterfeit Drugs” – which is featured in the Encyclopedia of Chromatography, Second Edition.

Here’s a look at the Abstract:

Economical and reliable thin layer chromatographic (TLC) methods for rapid screening of counterfeit drugs that can be carried out by analysts in the laboratory or in the field by inspectors with limited analytical expertise using portable kits, with standard reference tablets to eliminate weighing, are described. Separations are performed on silica gel layers containing fluorescent indicator; separated spots are detected under ultraviolet lamps and with iodine detection reagent. Development and iodine detection are carried out in polyethylene bags, glass jars, or closed TLC tanks. Sample spots are compared with reference standards developed on the same layer to identify the ingredients and determine if their content is within the specification range.

Click Here to find out how to obtain the paper.

VIDEO REPORT: Chromatography used to identify 300 Year-Old Native American Dyes

WHYY Senior Health and Science Reporter Kerry Grens’ report on research by University of Delaware Doctoral Student Christina Cole on the composition of dyes used by Native Americans using chromatography. The report features an explanation of chromatography by Analtech General Manager Steven Miles and an interview with Delaware State University Prof. Claytrice Watson about forensic science.

Thin Layer Chromatography and HPLC featured in quality standards for Dietary Supplements

The U.S. Pharmacopieal (USP) Convention has just released a first-of-its kind collection of standards designed to assist dietary supplements manufacturers in providing quality products to consumers.Dietary supplements

The USP Dietary Supplements Compendium (DSC) is a comprehensive resource containing quality specifications (identity, strength, purity, and performance characteristics) of more than 500 dietary supplements and ingredients. In addition to these standards, the DSC includes general and regulatory information, guidance documents, appendices, and macro/microscopy, thin layer chromatography (TLC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) full-color images that greatly simplify the analysis of ingredients of botanical origin—making it a central repository of necessary information for dietary supplements manufacturers.

The DSC serves as a tool for manufactures in:

  • Developing, manufacturing and testing new products;
  • Qualifying raw materials;
  • Preparing for international quality control and cGMP audits;
  • Setting and validating standard operating procedures;
  • Collecting in-process and batch-release tests; and
  • Accurately packaging, labeling and storing products.

 Click Here for more information from USP.

Thin Layer Chromatography used to detect counterfeit medication in India

Excerpts from a research article published at Chart

Pilot Study of Essential Drug Quality in Two Major Cities in India

India is an increasingly influential player in the global pharmaceutical market. Key parts of the drug regulatory system are controlled by the states, each of which applies its own standards for enforcement, not always consistent with others. A pilot study was conducted in two major cities in India, Delhi and Chennai, to explore the question/hypothesis/extent of substandard and counterfeit drugs available in the market and to discuss how the Indian state and federal governments could improve drug regulation and more importantly regulatory enforcement to combat these drugs.

Random samples of antimalarial, antibiotic, and antimycobacterial drugs were collected from pharmacies in urban and peri-urban areas of Delhi and Chennai, India. Semi-quantitative thin-layer chromatography and disintegration testing were used to measure the concentration of active ingredients against internationally acceptable standards. 12% of all samples tested from Delhi failed either one or both tests, and were substandard. 5% of all samples tested from Chennai failed either one or both tests, and were substandard.

Read the entire research paper by clicking here.

Adventures in Making a Viral Video

We can’t believe it – this time last year we were getting filming Adventuretogether costumes, make-up, swords, pineapples, and ducks!

It was on June 21, 2008 (summer solstice, longest sunlight day of the year), that dozens of us gathered at Mt. Cuba Center and worked from before sun-up until past sun-down to create “The Adventures of Ana L’Tech

To get a look at what the day was like (from the dressing room to the bloopers), click here.

For an incredible collection of photos from that day, click here.

Cast and Crew of “The Adventures of Ana L’Tech”

Written & Directed By                    Christopher Stout

Ana L’Tech                Stacey Ann Shevlin
Baker                       Betsy Gage
Cloth Dyer                Marcie Weigelt
Brewer                    Tom Wagner
Baldric                     Jim Jones

Sheriff                     Dan “Risk” Sutton
Lackey                          Micky Jones
(no relation to Jim Jones)
First Guard               Bill Berger
Second Guard           Gus Miller
Third Guard              Joe Zilcosky
Fourth Guard            Justin Grant

First “Witch”              Ann-Marie Jordan
Second “Witch”          Eleonore S. Thomas
Third “Witch”             Dr. Merle Edelstein

The Royal Duck          Howard

Turkey-leg guy           JJ Brannon

“No Clue” guy             Matt Lamkin
(founder and president of the company)

“She’s French” woman     Rebecca C. Faber
(Executive Director of World Trade Center DE)
“burn her” woman           Sara DiSabatino
“Stay on Task” guy          Phil Jones
(no relation to Micky or Jim)

Clapping Guy                    Alok Patel

Alchemist, Dr. Lamkin        Phil Amico

Ironic commentator            Rick Jensen
(Famous Talk Show Host on WDEL)
“Good PR” guy                Mike Castle
  (U.S. Congressman – DE)

The rest of the “Olde Angrye Mobbe”

Steven Miles
  (General Manager for the company)
Amy Miles
Wesley Miles
Seth Miles
Laurel Miles
Holly Miles
(yes, we’re OK with nepotism when it comes to film productions)
Kristin Grant
Kelsey Grant
(yep, more nepotism)
Wendy Swift
(Erica’s sister-in-law: see nepotism comment above)
Greg Mazzotta
Allegra DiNetta
Jordyn Buckingham
Kathryn Kohler
Kristen Saksa
Sarah Carnish Berry
Smokey Berkley
Squeaky Whittmore
Caine Kubala
Kathy Leigh Samson
Mary Durbano
Jim Durbano
Eric Winter


Announcer              Ken Grant
(Kristin Grant’s husband)
Lab Tech                 Micky Jones
 (yes, he also played the Lackey – he’s just that talented)
Adoring Blonde        Erica Sarver Swift
Adoring Brunette      Laurie Jones
(that’s right – even more nepotism)

Best Crew in the world

Cinematography         Blake Eichenseer
Assistant Camera       David Rivera
Sound Recordist         Jamie MacPherson
Sound Mixer              Patrick Mulrooney
Cowboy                     Brian Sowards
Key Grip                    Max Kulish
Grip                   Bonnie Von Duyke
Gaffer                       Kevin Lane
PA                   Timmy Von Duyke

Costumes                Gina Scarnati
(for rentals at Opera Delaware, go to
Make Up                  Freda J. Carson

Duck Provider          Dr. Rob Teti, Founder and Executive Director of Chenoa Manor –

Filmed Entirely on the grounds of Mt. Cuba – – near Wilmington, Delaware – this is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth with the nicest staff ever, seriously, these folks are the best, they let us in before sunrise and helped with anything we asked for all day long – if you get a chance, check out these incredible gardens!

Catering            Bella Vista Restaurant –

Finally, a HUGE Thank You to Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin – we truly appreciate your collective genius!